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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is a non-threatening, client centered therapy, that uses music as a tool to reach non-musical goals.  Unlike other therapies, music is used as a motivator and distraction to reach those goals.  Music Therapy is always implemented by a board certified music therapist.  

Why music therapy?

  • A music therapist can mold a musical experience (i.e. tempo, dynamics, and type of music) based on the client's reactions 

  • Music therapists can create groups where residents with different functioning levels can participate

  • Music therapy can create group cohesion and aid in socialzation 

  • A music therapist is always thinking about the client, instead of just the performance or the act of entertaining

More Information

The American Music Therapy Association's website has a wealth of information supporting the use of music with varying populations. 

Here is a direct link to AMTA's information sheet on music therapy with older adults:




First group FREE! 



From groups, individual music therapy sessions, to music activities SSMTS will find the way to bring music into the lives of those who do not already have it 

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